Frequently asked questions:


When Should I Place A Deposit?
You should place your deposit whenever you're comfortable committing to us as your florists. Communicating with us via phone, email, or even in person does not guarantee our availability for your date. Of course we'll do our best to keep you informed of our schedule, but we can't control who will walk through the door, and we operate on a first-come first-serve basis.

What Should I Bring To My Consultation?
Whatever you'd like, of course! We certainly like to see suit, tie, and dress swatches so we can best suggest coordinating ribbons. A photo of the dresses also helps, so we can design the flowers around any details (such as lace or embellishments) you wish to show. Floor plans and table dimensions are also helpful.

Will I Have To Sign A Contract?
The short answer -- yes. It protects both parties from unforeseen circumstances and provides step-by-step instructions to guide you through the event floral process. The long answer -- if you are at all concerned about cancellation on account of illness, death, weather, Acts of God, etc., we urge you to consider Wedding Insurance. And if you have any questions about our contract (or would like to read it before placing your deposit) please contact us as we're happy to assist the best we can.

Why Are Wedding Flowers So Expensive?
Savannah is a beautiful, isolated treasure trove of natural beauty. Because of this, we don't have access to big-city luxuries, such as a flower market. Nearly all our flowers arrive via freight, an added cost cities don't have. Factors that influence the cost of each line item on your wedding order include not only the price of flowers but also the design process, coordinating with suppliers to locate and receive each item to the best quality, and the labor involved preparing each item, just to name a few.

Are You Willing To Work Within My Budget?
Absolutely -- we certainly don't want you to feel uncomfortable when you receive your wedding order! We offer package options for the smallest of budgets, but a custom design may not be out of reach if you're open to our cost-saving suggestions. However, just because we're willing to work within your budget doesn't mean we're fiscally able to accommodate everything you may want. We'll show you the world so you can pick your countries.

What Added Fees Should I Expect?
Generally speaking, the associated fees fall into three categories -- sales tax (7% for the state of Georgia), service fees (a 4% processing fee on all credit card transactions), and labor (delivery, installation, retrieval, and design time).
Factors that influence delivery costs include (1) the number of items, (2) the number of trucks required to transport items, and (3) the number and distance of locations we're traveling to.

The installation fee covers the amount of time we expect to be on location setting up your wedding. Services such as installing arch flowers, tying aisle markers to chairs, scattering petals, placing and lighting candles, etc. fall under this fee.

Retrieval fees, most often billed as a "Late Night" Retrieval fee, is the cost for our staff to come back to your wedding at the end of the reception to collect all the flowers and rented items to clear the venue space for the next events.

Can I Pick Up / Install / Return Myself to Save Money?
Yes. This can be a bit of a mixed bag depending on the items you've ordered (more so than the overall dollar figure on your wedding order). We're happy to look at your budget and items and make a recommendation based on our experiences. If you are picking up rental items, we do require a credit card on file in case items return damaged.

I Have My Heart Set On [Flower], How Can I Have It?
You know the old adage, "Everything Comes At A Price?" Flowers are living, breathing creatures. They follow patterns, but can also be unpredictable. Factors such as seasonal availability, travel time and distance, health in the farms, etc. can all affect what is readily available (and therefore, cost efficient). The more flexibility you allow us with flower selection, the more value you will receive.

Will You Make a Sample For Me?
Yes, we would be happy to prepare a sample for you at a reasonable cost.

What Happens to the Flowers After My Wedding?
What happens to your flowers after the reception is up to you! Glassware (vases, candle votives) and other rental items will be collected at the end of the night. Unless otherwise specified, we'll collect flowers in/on these as well. If you'd like to take altar arrangements or centerpieces home with you, just ask -- we'll engineer them for easy removal so you can enjoy them after the wedding is over!

Can I Purchase Items From Your Rental Stock?
No, we do not sell items designated for rental stock. However we do have a few items (primarily in clear glass) available for sale.

Can I Mix In My Own DIY Elements?
Yes, but we'd greatly appreciate it if you'd let us know ahead of time. We don't want to interfere with what your family has planned. If you'd like our staff to assist you on your wedding day (for example, setting up table numbers, candles and votives, etc.) this service is available for an additional installation fee.

The difference between Planners, Coordinators & Designers

Event Planner

This person is both a designer and a coordinator. Many offer a variety of planning packages, at the top tier they help you with every aspect of your wedding. They will recommend and attend appointments with vendors, organize transportation, coordinate rentals and table configurations, and even stand beside you before you walk down the aisle. Consider this person your event "brain!"

Event Coordinator

A coordinator is a "left brain" logistics person who assists with things like timelines and seating charts. A coordinator is ideal for Brides and clients who like to do the majority of the design planning themselves.

Event Designer

A designer is a "right brain" creative person person who helps to establish the look and feel of your wedding. This can encompass everything from linens and flowers to furniture and flatware. A designer is best suited to a Bride or client looking to highlight the event decor.